Yoga + Chakras?

Hello, I am typically new to the thought of opening my chakras and spirituality total. I had a religious awakening on my first shroom journey final week and my life has modified totally since.

I’d like to discover ways to open my chakras and align myself spiritually. I’m questioning if sizzling yoga falls into opening chakras in any respect, since I observe sizzling yoga three instances per week ish. Suggestions and information could be significantly appreciated.

1 thought on “Yoga + Chakras?”

  1. It took a long time after learning that my chakras even existed for me to understand how to align them.
    My only advice would be to encourage meditation with a focus on each chakra until you ‘find them’, and general searching for info. Find a community (perhaps close to your yoga group) that has a focus on chakral alignment. Find yourself a good online resource or book that outlines problems or ‘blocks’ associated with each chakra, to better understand how to focus your personal healing energy based on the feels associated with each chakra.
    One of the best encouragers I found when trying to understand the purpose of connecting to this type of energy circulation, was the idea of ‘finding’ the subtle energies in nature and the body and working to best regulate and strengthen those natural flows.
    My first shroom trip also opened so many spiritual doors and I am STOKED for you to continue your search for truth and understanding 🙂

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