I would like some readability on what I simply skilled.

I began meditating across the finish of final yr and have taken a ton of time studying and specializing in the whole lot that comes with it. I’ve battled despair, vanity and anxiousness points all through my life, so my focus has been on turning into extra grounded, bodily. Spiritually however, I’ve at all times had a really odd interpretation the place I felt I may perceive my very own, in addition to different individuals’s feelings more-so than something I hear vocally. I’ve at all times been in a position to learn individuals so simply and virtually predict a state of affairs based mostly on the vibes I’m feeling. I don’t really feel like a physic or something, however this has simply been one thing I’ve at all times observed even since I used to be younger.

Tonight, I did my common yoga/meditation routine with continued deal with my root chakra. As I started my meditation, I used to be training specializing in the power between my fingers, palms going through one another. I used to be slowly pulling them farther away and bringing them in nearer, till at one level, I really thought I may really really feel one thing I may solely describe as nothing greater than power. A number of seconds later, I hear a POP go off in my left ear and it began to offer out a really loud ringing sound that even took over all of the sound within the room (I used to be taking part in mushy music and a fan was on). After about 5-7 seconds the ringing began to swell down and I acquired hit with a quick sensation of readability/euphoria, that instantly adopted with fears I tucked away from my previous that I by no means, ever take into consideration anymore.

I couldn’t shake the ideas that wouldn’t depart my head, not solely as a result of feeling of sudden uneasiness, but additionally as a result of I used to be in awe at what I used to be experiencing all collectively from the power, to the ear pop/ringing, euphoria and now worry. I slowly started to calm down myself and produce myself out of my meditation. I went into it feeling fairly relaxed, able to go to mattress, however now I’m conscious and can’t get this out of my head.

I’ve studied a complete lot about what occurs while you open up your chakras and the way it may be laborious to face generally, particularly if it occurs early and I’ve additionally heard the foundation chakra will be one of many hardest ones to beat if it has been out of steadiness. Is that this what simply occurred? Did I really open my door chakra? I can’t assist however really feel like I did, it simply appears so surreal… any ideas and/or recommendation?

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  1. Well there are minor chakras in your hands and soles of your feet. So yes that definitely was energy you were feeling. The pop and other experiences you had could have been an activation. As to what extent, can only be known to you. Chakras are like flowers, they bloom to reveal themselves to you. They’re beings themselves.

    Seeds and blockages can form in your Chakras. They’re meant to be lessons that you learn in this life. There are various techniques to allow these seeds to sprout slowly so you don’t receive the adverse effects.
    If you purify yourself you can avoid the negative effects of energy going through your system. By this I mean eating healthy, getting enough exercise, meditation and practicing character building to name a few.

  2. You could be an empath. So personally, I have found that when ear ringing starts, my spirit guides are trying to talk to me. And it does sound like you received information or clarity at least.

    There are also chakras associated with your ears.

    But of course if the popping caused any pain or ringing that lasts, it’s best to see an ENT

  3. I really appreciate both of your insight. I have actually been focusing on a much better diet lately, cutting out a whole lot of artificial sugars in particular. As well as exercise lately I’ve done more of. A lot more walks around outside too. I guess this could all be linked together. The empath concept is interesting, I’ve heard that before but never have done any real research. I’ll have to look more into that.

    I ended up going back into my meditation last night and confronting these fears head on. I pushed through with self confidence and I felt it literally disappear and since then, I’ve felt a light weight of, I guess you could call it peace come over me. What really caught me off guard today was the first time I checked my phone to see what time it was (I’ve been doing a bunch of chores around the house all morning) it was 11:11.That has never happened before, at least that I can recall. I’ve heard that number is related to this stuff as well. I’m feeling very grateful to begin getting deeper in touch with myself like this, spiritually. It’s one thing to read about it, but when it actually starts happening and the signs you hear about you start experiencing.. it’s pretty intense!

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