Information so that you dont make some errors

Work in your root chakra first (pink).

Keep grounded particularly whilst you do work in your crown chakra.

3 thoughts on “Information so that you dont make some errors”

  1. I agree with this, I also think the root chakra is one of the most underrated chakras. People want to work on their higher chakras such as their third eye and crown chakra, first. Opening and balancing the root chakra, as well as the other lower chakras not only helps you stay grounded but also can help with manifestation and improve he psychical world around you.

    Many of us want to connect with the spiritual realm but we need to remember that our spiritual self has come to this physical, 3 dimensional realm for a reason. We should be focusing on connecting with the earth while we are here because we are here for such a short amount of time and when we pass on, we will be back in the spiritual realm. The spiritual realm will always be there for us, and we are here in this physical realm for a short amount of time. Take advantage of it while you still have the time.

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