Is it doable to see power from our chakras?

I lately developed an curiosity into understanding chakras and I am studying a guide “Wheels of Life: The basic information to the chakra system” and there is an intro train for opening hand chakras the place you prolong your arms/fingers parallel to the bottom, one hand faces up and the opposite down and also you rapidly shut your fingers approx. A dozen instances, reverse your palms then shut them once more a dozen extra instances. After this, you then open your fingers and slowly deliver your palms collectively (beginning about 2 ft aside) till they’re four inches aside the place it is best to really feel a refined ball of power floating between you palms.
After I did this, I felt the power very barely however after I centered my eyes in between the area of my fingers I might see one thing that seemed like gasoline oil, swirling in numerous instructions. Is that me seeing a bodily manifestation of the chakra power or one thing else?

2 thoughts on “Is it doable to see power from our chakras?”

  1. It’s possible to sense the energy from chakras and other sources.

    Some people can see it with their physical eyes and some people sense it in other ways. For example, I don’t see energy with my physical eyes, but have a felt-sense of it and “see” it with my inner eyes (shape, intensity, movement, etc.). So be open to sensing it in other ways too.

  2. Chakras are deep emotional wells where our nervous system flows energy. Visualizations are pretty much only helpful with understanding how boocked they are, were the blockages are, and maybe some insight into what beliefs are blocking them (ie I shouldn’t feel sad, etc).

    Doing some excercise for an hour will not Grant you insight into the chakras.

    Spend time focusing on the locations of emotions in your body, and observing the thoughts around those emotions. Do this daily.

    Maybe someday you’ll feel the chakras release energy. It is undoubtedly felt, you don’t try to feel ot, it just happens and it’s very strong.

    Dont try to mess with the chakras. It’s a waste of time and if you do manage to do something to them it’s probably not a good thing. They are emotional grounding rods.

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