Is it protected to make use of youtube movies to clear chakras?


I’m presently going through a non secular awakening and wish to clear my chakras

I’ve discovered a youtube video that clears all 7 of them, round three hours lengthy

I used to be questioning if that is protected to do as I dont need to threat something unhealthy occurring to me (i’ve been in a low level just lately, throughout my non secular awakening I appear to be continually anxious and afraid of demise/continually worrying/each little factor causes extra worry in my thoughts, be it coronary heart palpitations to feeling like Im not inhaling sufficient air, little issues…)

I’ve requested my spirit guides (who I imagine are God and Jesus) to look at over me and shield me throughout this expertise (im conscious that they’ve been watching and defending, evidently via current years)

Im not non secular in any sense however i imagine in spirituality and that we’re all one

I obtained off observe right here; is it protected to meditate on such movies? I really feel prefer it shouldnt be an issue as all i want to do is obvious my chakras so i’m not destructive and fear-minded on a regular basis (my thoughts appears to have pulled a 180° since final week and now I really feel like im going backwards.)


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  1. Not unsafe but maybe unrealistic. Clearing blocks can be emotionally and energetically strenuous. I had a lot of crying when I first started.

    And three hours is a lot to do. If you’re having a lot of anxiety, you might just want to start with your root chakra for a few days and start working your way through the chakras after the root feels like it’s cleared.

    I like the temple sounds videos on YouTube. They have all the chakras split up, A short tuneup, and a longer extensive video.

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