My coronary heart middle feels very heavy.. and really tight.

Does this imply my coronary heart chakra is blocked? Actually it seems like there’s quite a lot of dense ass “vitality” in there, or one thing. It is simply very, very tight in the midst of my chest, and really heavy. I am positive it is not a coronary heart assault or something lol, trigger it has been this manner for some time.

It is very tight. As a consequence of this my complete physique can be tensed up. It is irritating. I’ve achieved reiki and stuff to attempt to unblock my coronary heart middle, nevertheless it hasn’t labored. Solely generally after I really feel protected and cherished does the dense vitality that appears to be there start to discharge (I am going to begin crying).

I am feeling like my coronary heart chakra is blocked… is that proper? Idk what to do about this. I’ve tried fixing this by myself however my physique would not appear to wish to launch this vitality. I really feel extraordinarily caught. All I want is a extremely good cry to launch all of this vitality, that will actually change my life..

What ought to I do? I discover that non secular subreddits are generally actually smug and condescending, not calling any of you these issues, but when anybody goes to be like that… please do not. Thanks.

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  1. My suggestion would be to practice yogic heart openers (any and all backbends) esp. Cat-cow spinal stretch. Also meditate on your heart chakra and allow yourself to truly feel and accept all the energy that is trapped from stuck emotions. Practice loving-kindness meditation. Cultivate self-love and acceptance and create a daily-practice of self-care. Discover true inner love and compassion! Best of joy to you on your journey!

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