I am 24 and have been awake for about eight months, My energies are everywhere however significantly my Root Chakra, i discover it unimaginable to maneuver power larger out of worry of alienation and judgement, i need to take pleasure in conditions as i do know they’re pleasing however my thoughts simply glitches straight *FLIGHT* as quickly as one thing i dont like arises. But on the similar time i can go per week feeling completely comfy, these weeks come straight after going dancing and/or whereas consuming alcohol of which a single beer will get me to a cheerful place. I do know this alcohol is not the best way as its only a repair.

If any of you have got been by means of comparable issues please give me your perception as atm im falling on the first hurdle

4 thoughts on “MY ROOTS HAVE WITHERED”

  1. Way to go on identifying the pattern of behavior. It takes some people a long time to stop blaming and start looking inward.

    First, its ok and natural to have times like this. Look at it like training. Im assuming that previously you had dome successes in situations where resistance came up, and that its this time period that resistance is an issue. In order to facilitate growth the universe has to throw some greater challenges at you. If not greater perhaps smaller challenges more frequently.
    In essence the universe is telling you that you are ready to raise your vibrational set point.
    It can take time to master but don’t forget to give yourself some compassion and to take comfort in knowing your leveling up.

    Someone else said meditation. I would agree with that 100%. Also, when you feel triggered take a few moments to recognize yourself amidst the chaos. Regroup with your inner knowing and then proceed. All will be ok. Everything occurs at the speed of need.

    Breathe. Breath is constant. Just like lifes little challenges. One of these you can master or at least learn to control. When you feel on edge what happens to the breath?

    How does it feel to control the inhales and exhales of your breathing?

    How can you balance the two in stressful situations?

    How does the rest of your body react to the way you breath is controlled.

  2. Ground yourself within the current moment of existence and let everything be exactly as it is. There is nothing to be done but breathe and be in this moment. Alcohol uses it’s toxicity to release one from external worries, meditation uses the power of the breath and the focus of the mind to naturally release the external.

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