Opened chakras, life modified, did not respect it

Hi there,

I opened 5/7 chakras (all the middle ones) throughout a 10 silent meditation retreat.

Afterwards I discovered myself carry conscious of my ideas simply, automactically, 24/7. I healed illnesses and was feeling my feelings deeply.

2 months later I made a decision the progress was unbreachable and determined to bask in extra pleasures like fapping, binging Netflix, extra meals/sweet, and so on.

Then I had a relapse of an outdated illness after just a few days of this indulgence. The illness is a manifestation of despair (blockage in backside three chakras)

Now a lot of the advantages I skilled up to now 2 months are gone.

Can anybody inform me what occurred? Is it closed for Good? How unhealthy did I mess up? What do you advocate I do?

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  1. hey, i took a look at your post history and i think you need to let go of the celibacy/nofap thing for a while. it seems like you are uncomfortable with your sexual energy and alternate between repressing it and trying to quickly discharge it through porn. you need to somehow stay with it and let it rise above your base chakra. the easiest way to do this is sex with a partner or masturbating thinking about someone you care about. you need to accept the fact that you are a person with a sex drive and this is a normal aspect of your physical body at this time in your life. unless you are literally going to become a monk you don’t need to become celibate and if you never masturbate you will not last long enough to please a partner when you get one.

    i am not an expert on chakras but i would think you should go about the same methods that allowed you to open them in the first place. if you need to go on a other silent retreat or just observe a vow of silence for 10 days, do that, or if you need to repeat the specific meditation that opened them, do that. no use wallowing in guilt over what you did.

    why did you decide the progress was unbearable?

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