Photo voltaic Plexus Meditation, Momentum, The Beast Inside

I used to be training photo voltaic plexus meditation not too long ago, and it is like momentum was increase. Somewhat than develop into weakened with insults, intimidation, and so on., they resulted in my pushing additional. Somewhat than this on the within: which it often is, it was like this: With each barrier I shattered, I propelled myself even additional. With each insult or intimidation I obtained, I made them a part of me on the base, fought more durable, and pushed even additional. It was like momentum had been constructed up and one thing in me was working like an engine with a whole bunch of 1000’s of revolutions per minute, rising increasingly, besides it was human in form and kind. It was nearly primal in its effort. The video above is underwhelming by comparability. The actions felt sooner, the power extra highly effective, the scream stronger. It was nearly like a righteous combat for primal survival as if I might reasonably have my bones damaged earlier than giving up.

What was that?

I’ve tried asking this within the meditation subreddit however obtained no solutions.

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  1. Reminds me of something I read recently in a book on qigong:

    *By concentrating long enough on the low Dan Tien, the center of our physical power and health, eventually one experiences an awakening, or ‘little enlightenment’ of that center.*

    *When this actually occurs for a person there are generally two manifestations that will confirm this. The first is physical and emotional feelings of invincible martial power. The second is a similar feeling regarding one’s sexual energy.*

    However, the lower Dan Tien is lower than the solar plexus chakra (about 3 finger widths below the navel) and has a different function (is a reservoir for life force energy).

    In any case, IF you have accumulated a large amount of energy (it’s possible to feel powerful without having gathered energy), I’d suggest releasing feelings of anger, aggression, and force (your choice of words includes – insults, intimidation, fought harder, pushed further, etc.).

    The reason is that moving energy forcefully in your body can injure yourself as it hits blockages and moves through channels not accustomed to the higher flow/volume of energy.

    Energy like that is gathered slowly with daily practice, though, so if you haven’t been meditating on the solar plexus chakra daily for the past 3 or 4 months, it’s probably the experience of power without the energy.

  2. there is a great deal of knowledge of dots I can connect from dragon ball series.. I even watched the DBS. the references for turning into super sayian and beyond… can apply to us, don’t give up gather your power and always keep looking deeper within you, unleashing hidden talents, powers and so on.

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