Query concerning the forhead chakra

I’ve for some time suffered from social nervousness. At any time when I discuss to somebody and make eye contact I really feel an actual tightness between my eyes and my face feels prefer it’s contorting.

I have not had a lot expertise with chakra meditation. However I’ve been doing vipassana and anapanasathi for some time.

At the moment I sat down in meditation and simply targeted on the sensations on my brow and head.

There’s a lot bizarre twisted vitality I really feel in my for head and whereas I used to be sitting in meditation I pictured a random individual in entrance of me.

I really feel the tightness intensifying as we make eye contact.

I suppose I haven’t got a particular query.
However in the event you have been in my scenario how would you proceed ?

Thanks in your kindness 🙂

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  1. I used to have social anxiety as well but held the tension in my stomach (solar plexus chakra). You’re holding it in the third eye for whatever reason. Check to see what blocks this chakra and if that relates to your social anxiety (this chakra rules hormones, intuition, imagination, creativity).
    You could meditate with amethyst or other purple stones between your eyes, chamomile essential oil, there are yoga poses you can do (child’s pose is simplest, happy baby, bend over and touch the floor).
    Too really open it, you should start by healing your chakras in order, so unfortunately he 6th chakra will comes towards the end.

    More in regards to social anxiety, I overcame it by slowly doing things out of my comfort zone and regular bad habits. You’ve really gotta find what works best for you though!

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