Sleep Paralysis Hallucinations & Meditations

I am attempting to lucid dream, however I hold psyching myself out over worry of sleep paralysis hallucinations. It is one of many causes I finished years in the past. I would hallucinate issues like this: Nosferatu from SpongeBob, and this:

The opposite cause I finished was I used to be having an existential disaster and was experiencing robust melancholy, although I’ve mounted this now.

What I am desirous to know is how affective sure meditations could be in opposition to it:

I attempted photo voltaic plexus meditation years in the past, however I used to be a lot much less skilled (could not maintain it as lengthy nor as nicely), and it would not assist a lot while you’re confronted with one thing seemingly paranormal during which bodily contact would do no good and might’t transfer.

I am curious how a partial state of extremely intuition would work (e.g. turning into like water, imagining punches to go by way of you as if you happen to’re manufactured from water however as an alternative reacting intuitively, not being stiff)

The one different meditations I’ve practiced are compassion meditation, mindfulness, hypnagogia, lucid dreaming, and fundamental meditation.

All these are fairly onerous to do while you’re seeing a few of the stuff I listed above…

I’ve additionally skilled lucid desires of mass genocide up to now, I being the trigger…Blood, screams, and explosions all over the place…It is some Finish of Evangelion degree stuff…


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  1. Don’t fear it. Welcome it and don’t obsess over trying to understand it. Let it flow like a small swift creek through your mind.

    Edit: I have very similar thought, visions, and ideas whilst mediating. Instead of fleeing from them as they scare me I calmly tell myself this is natural and just because thoughts are flowing through my head does not grant them any control over me. Usually once a series of skewed thoughts passes I achieve a means of some inner satisfaction that follows a deep exhale.

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