Want some recommendation with balancing….

Hi there. I may actually use some assist with this…

So I’ve observed that each single time I discover myself with constructed up vitality in my second chakra, I unconsciously start to disregard my first chakra. It occurs each single time. Every time my second chakra is overactive, it’s only once I “by accident” stability my first chakra by consuming or consuming one thing that balances out the primary chakra, or getting some type of first-chakra-restoring sleep or train, that I notice that my first chakra was practically frozen and numb.

Undecided if this issues, however I’m extraordinarily top-heavy, with higher chakras open nearly on a regular basis. My coronary heart chakra could be very weak and delicate and uncontrollable, however I do not suppose that one issues for this problem. Please let me know if it really would possibly…

Principally, I discover it extraordinarily straightforward to make my second chakra over-stimulated, which I get pleasure from for some motive, however I then haven’t any management over it. And when that occurs, I change into nearly numb to my first chakra. The second chakra appears to be a scarier monster than the primary one, and I wish to do issues separately. So my first chakra going numb actually upsets and considerations me.

I’m sending out intentions that any individual studying this may be capable to assist me out. I actually need it. It is about time that I figured one thing out right here…..

Sending gratitude upfront.


Chakra Recommendation [x-post from r/energy_work]

Hiya! Not fairly certain if this belongs right here or on /r/energy_work however I will give it a shot.

I have been growing my thrid eye chakra for a while, partly out of behavior, partly as a result of I most simply get an brisk response from that space. My problem is that this, I’ve completed little or no work on decrease chakras and certainly one of my pals tells me that an unsupported third eye might be a problem. Ought to I begin from the underside and transfer up or attempt to shut up the third eye earlier than doing that?

And the way would I do this if I wanted to? Eating regimen shift? I’ve stopped consuming meat but when I began once more it will in all probability pull vitality again down, sure?



Fairly new, searching for some recommendation

I have been doing chakra-clearing meditations for a while now, each two or three days, and I actually like them. I discover them rejuvenating and really useful general.

One factor I’ve observed is that my photo voltaic plexus and throat chakras at all times want extra…work, I assume, than the others. This is sensible since these are areas the place I bodily maintain quite a lot of pressure, and spiritually and emotionally these are the areas (communication and emotional swings) that I are likely to battle with essentially the most.

I wish to be certain that every thing is balanced, so I do not wish to overemphasize work on anybody chakra, however are there some workout routines or meditations I can do that may deliver these two extra “on top of things” with the others?