(New to Chakras) third Eye Ajna chakra is extremely energetic whereas meditating and many others. What’s up with that?

I’m BRAND new to Chakras, so please forgive my ignorance.

Whereas I meditate (and another occasions) my (what I assume is) my Ajna Chakra is VERY energetic. I can really feel my an vitality feeling inside my brow, within the center, above my eyes. It nearly feels prefer it’s urgent ahead. I bought the same feeling as soon as once I bought acupuncture and the gal positioned a needle in the identical actual place (she referred to as it the “Zen needle” or one thing like that).

ANYway. I … freaking… LOVE the sensation. However I am questioning what it means. I am unable to get ANY of my different factors to really feel even remotely prefer it. However I’ve additionally heard Chakra will be overactive.

So… yeah. What’s up with that?

(Thanks prematurely)

Ajna Potential

My third eye has been open now for over 4 months, and it has been completely pleasant! Nonetheless, I’m questioning what precisely I can do with it in a extra lively sense, apart from this actually handy spidey-sense instinct sensation. I preserve studying about telekinesis and telepathy however I do not know what sources precisely to have a look at. Additionally, it may be value mentioning that I by no means deliberate on opening it up, and that it occurred simply because I began turning into extra severe about meditation. Maybe it isn’t truly actually open, however somewhat stimulated… both approach, I can not flip it off, and it is also a pleasure, so I am simply questioning what potential sensible makes use of of the third eye exist.