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Ideas for balancing every chakra?

Earlier than I open my third eye chakra, I would prefer to open a minimum of the foundation and coronary heart beforehand, maybe go from root to crown with out skipping any chakras.

Do you advocate and movies on YouTube? If that’s the case, which? Guided meditation or binaural beats?

Ought to I do something earlier than I open my chakras? Corresponding to aura safety meditation?

How else can I open, stability, and heal my chakras? Thanks! #1 precedence proper now could be root chakra.

Labyrinths & Balancing Your Chakras

Okay so I’ve at all times been obsessive about labyrinths. It runs deep, however I simply learn that they assist in balancing your chakras. I am questioning what everybody’s ideas is perhaps about this. It’s actually soothing to attract..and to stroll whereas meditating or pondering..like it. My favourite is drawing them out on the seashores.