why have on a number of events, my coronary heart chakra blockage was defused by being close to an animal?

its so attention-grabbing

on one event, a cat sat on my lap, randomly, and my coronary heart chakra was defused. in different phrases.. I began weeping. on a bench. exterior. in public. lol. dont suppose anybody noticed, although.. not that I actually care all that a lot tbh.

however anyhow, on one other event, I used to be laying exterior of a subway station. and a fowl flew and landed close to me. in a second, I felt completely beloved and protected and shit. idk if this sounds tremendous gushy, nevertheless it was what it was. in that second I felt that I used to be within the presence of a totally pure being. no matter meaning.. tears began flowing once more.

my coronary heart chakra immdiately simply begins flowering. it feels so good.

so..why is that this do you suppose?

HUGE blockage in coronary heart chakra

I’ve a HUGE block in my coronary heart chakra. there’s SO MUCH heavy, dense vitality trapped in there. it feels so tight there. love cant move freely AT ALL. its horrible. how do I get it out? ive been on the lookout for a shaman to attempt to assist me, however no luck thus far. ive tried reiki, acupuncture, eft and stuff however they did not work.

Third eye chakra blockage

I’ve been meditating for fairly a while now. Earlier than I meditated for an hour a day. For the previous six months the circulation of power via my physique has slowed very a lot down and I can really feel a stress in my brow. The stress strikes round my cranium via the day however for essentially the most half, it’s in my brow. The stress typically comes with complications.

I went to an teacher from energyarts.com and he handled me and advised me my muscle mass was tense. He used a way the place he pushed muscle mass round my physique in uncomfortable positions earlier than they finally slipped and I may really feel the power activate in that area.

After that day my situation obtained higher, the stress felt extra snug, I may visualise in my head (which I couldnt earlier than) and I may really feel the power transfer round my physique. For this reason I’m fairly positive it’s a third eye blockage. I believed the blockage would clear however it did not.

Recently I’ve been stretching day-after-day as a result of I believe that perhaps my tense muscle mass are pressuring the nerves in my physique.

What issues can I do to clear this blockage as soon as and for all? I’m going to Thailand on trip, is there anybody there I may go to?

Form regards,