How does one get their crown chakra blocked?

I do know for some chakras, the trigger for blockage is extra simply defined than others. For instance, a devastating relationship failure could trigger the center chakra to be blocked. Or if when rising up, we’re continuously advised that we’re silly or do not do properly in class, we’d shut our photo voltaic plexus chakra. However, how would one manifest the closing (or under-activity) of their crown?

Blocked Sacral Chakra

Title describes my state of affairs. Lengthy story quick, my guardian struggled with the identical downside and now I too have inhabited this downside. Lack of creativity. Experiencing despair; not even desirous to really feel higher anymore. This has been a battle my complete life. At occasions I can start activating it and really feel higher, however I at all times fall again down, at all times. Any recommendations on how you can open it and go away it open?

Self-harm and lightworking: How I unknowingly blocked my power years in the past [x-post r/LightWorkers]

Good day all. This can be a private story of how I found that self-harm in prior years broken extra than simply my bodily physique.

I’m a lightworker. This can be a reality I found for myself a while within the final two to a few years. As many lightworkers do, I suffered from despair (amongst different diagnoses) for a few years. Throughout this time interval, I’d self-harm. I’ve lengthy since recovered and have abstained from self-injurious habits for practically 4 years.

I now reside my life as an lively lightworker, serving to as many individuals in as some ways as I can. I’ve developed an acute give attention to spirituality and have a powerful reference to the metaphysical forces which assist me on my journey. I point out that primarily to say the flip-side of the coin.

After occasions of nice lightworking success, I’ve generally been the goal of psychic assault. These assaults, which come from some outdoors nefarious power, have the first goal of trying to dissuade me from pursuing my lightworking mission not directly. At occasions, this damages my auric subject considerably.

For these all in favour of how I decide this, it is a comparatively easy course of. There are a number of giveaways.

First, my auric subject feels broken. As I said beforehand, I’ve a powerful sense of the metaphysical, my auric subject included.

Second, this injury can manifest as bodily signs, mostly on the left aspect of the physique. The physique is polarized such that an entity of damaging polarity can rather more simply assault the left aspect than the precise. I as soon as had a gap blown in my auric subject after a day of intense throat chakra work which resulted in deafness within the left ear. I remedied this by a meditative therapeutic session.

Third, and sometimes the obvious, is sleep disturbance. After I expertise psychic assault, I most frequently expertise one of many following: Nightmarish goals, a battle with the entity within the dream, an disagreeable feeling after waking up, or a ringing in my left ear.

In these conditions, relying on after I’m waking up, I normally ask for and envision divine safety, carry out a banishing ritual, and above all else, ship energies of affection and light-weight to the damaging entity. It’s my perspective that each one life is one life, that the being merely is aware of not what it does.

Saying all that to say this.

Yesterday, I spent my day serving to numerous individuals in numerous methods. It was an exquisite and rewarding expertise; nevertheless, final evening, I skilled a bout of profound psychic assault.

I bought up at the moment, fairly shortly realizing what was happening. I despatched out energies of affection and light-weight and requested for divine safety. One factor I did observe, although, is that a big chunk of my auric subject (starting from my crown right down to about my coronary heart chakra) had been blown fully open. My power felt extremely imbalanced.

That is a heavy restore job, even for me, so I known as upon the metaphysical forces which assist me on my journey to assist restore my subject. They, the implausible beings that they’re, set to work. As I said beforehand, I’ve a powerful reference to these beings; as such, we are able to talk fairly clearly lots of the time.

There was a mass of damaging power, if you’ll, embedded in my subject. the bodily analogue of the situation can be to the precise of my left shoulder. I felt the power being moved out of my subject down my arm. Palms and arms generally are unbelievable energetic pathways, so this was the way in which to go.

Finally, the power reached a degree on my arm the place all of my self-harm scars begin. The motion turned extremely stagnated and I did not at first perceive why. Fortunately, the forces aiding me communicated fairly clearly with me.

Years in the past, after I was self-harming, I had torn my energetic subject. For the reason that profoundly damaging energies I used to be feeling had pushed me to hurt myself, every a kind of wounds had blocked and torn that subject additional. This is not the place for particulars, however for reference, I’ll keep that such behaviors occurred a whole lot if no more than a thousand occasions.

After making this revelation, there was extra communication that I needn’t fear, that my subject can be repaired. They thanked me for coming to them for this one as a substitute of making an attempt to do it myself. I thanked them, and after an alternate of affection and light-weight, I closed the therapeutic session and set to work on repairing my arms.

The strategies I’ve used are as follows.

First, I requested those that assist me on my journey to help within the therapeutic course of. They graciously have.

Second, I went proper for the very best stone I do know for repairing the auric subject: Black kyanite. That is the very best device I do know of for repairing tears and injury to the auric subject. I am unable to overstate how helpful it’s.

Third, I used Reiki. Reiki is a robust device for therapeutic and repairing the energetic physique.

Fourth, and extra passively, I put on rings and bracelets. I knew that I wore them to assist with power move and balancing, however now I extra totally perceive why. I put on labradorite, sapphire, tourmalated quartz, rudraksha and rudrani beads, turquoise, silver, and possibly most significantly, copper. Every of those has its personal distinctive properties, which, for the sake of completeness, I’ll element beneath.

Labradorite aids in seeing by phantasm (the bodily airplane), rising instinct and metaphysical connection. It balances power.

Sapphire releases pressure, despair, and confusion. It aids in readability and understanding.

Tourmalated quartz accommodates each black tourmaline and quartz. Black tourmaline repels damaging power and aids in transmutation of damaging into optimistic. It is nice for psychic safety. Clear quartz amplifies the energies of something it shares a subject with.

Rudraksha and rudrani beads collectively steadiness masculine and female energies.

Turquoise supplies safety, helps with despair, and soothes the spirit.

Silver purifies the physique, brings safety, and will increase instinct.

Copper boosts energetic move. It removes blockages and strengthens the present of all energies.

These crystals, gem stones, and metals to which I’ve been drawn serve a number of functions, a lot of which now make sense. Moreover instinct and safety, the first operate is to steadiness and improve my power move. Within the context of getting energetic blockages in my arms, this makes lots of sense.

These are the steps I’ve taken at the moment. I’ll proceed to ask for help and have therapeutic classes with black kyanite and Reiki. I’ll probably additionally search a copper bracelet containing black kyanite.

Thanks for studying this prolonged put up. I hope that’s has helped you or given you perception not directly. When you have any questions, please put up beneath or message me. Love and light-weight to you all.