SP Meditation Inflicting Mind Fog?

I am a really skilled SP person and can typically do it to the purpose I am going to shed tears from the sheer efficiency. Shedding tears is not one thing that comes simply to me.

I seem to typically expertise mind fog when pushing myself, nevertheless. Though, it might be one thing with the carpet, blankets, shirts, moist dream, and/or lack of sleep.

Any cause why this may contribute to mind fog?

Non secular development inflicting physiological modifications to blood circulate in face?

One time I used to be in deep meditation and once I got here out of it my face appeared very pale, with a pink upwards triangle beginning on the bridge of my nostril and the sides happening the corners of my mouth.

One other time, I used to be with a good friend who additionally practices the opening of chakras, and I felt as if my head was open to the air, with a dot on my brow, inside a ribbon happening to my third eye, sending vibrations backwards and forwards between us.

As we speak, once I turned flustered, my complete face turned pink except the areas underneath my eyes and a white circle on my brow.

Does this occur to everybody, or am I simply odd?