Which chakra would this be?

After a latest meditation (Three-Four days in the past) I’ve had a really odd sense of lightheadedness, have bother concentrating, delicate to mild and have had fairly intense ( at time unexplainable ) desires.

Grounding appears to have little or no effect-its virtually an power I must wait out it appears?
I’m making an attempt to determine the place this power may be however have a tough time distinguishing the symptoms-would it belong to a 3rd eye chakra or the crown chakra? If anybody is educated on this I would love to listen to

Assist me heal my coronary heart chakra

Howdy everybody

A few years in the past I used to be attempting to heal all my chakras and despite the fact that I’ve heal each chakra at one level or one other there may be one specific chakra that appears to withstand my efforts. Efforts can be an excessive amount of of a phrase… I simply have attempt to sit down or meditate on some affirmations about Anahata and so they simply appear to be an excessive amount of.

Like an awesome hate over myself got here to me, like I can not imagine any good might got here to me, I’ve attempt to battle these feelings rational however the emotion is simply an excessive amount of to regulate, tonight whereas engaged on it I felt actually unhealthy, it is like this voice is telling me how a lot of a burden I’m and the way no one might probably love me. Afterwards I attempt to harm myself.

Thankfully I might management the episode I simply make some tender meditation and discuss to myself.

Proper now I really feel fairly calm, however every time I attempt to heal my coronary heart chakra the response is similar, a voice telling me how I do not need to be love, how noone round me will, the overwhelming sensation and the urge to harm myself.

In any case if anybody has any recommendation I’ll gladly respect it.

Disclaimer alert: I’ve had main depressive episodes and have abandon points.

Is my third Eye chakra telling me one thing?

Hiya everybody!

I’ve been feeling a robust sensation round my third eye/between my eyebrows for a while now (on and off for not less than 2 weeks now)

It feels tingly, the identical sensation you get once you put a pencil near your brow and also you “really feel” it as if it was touching you

I get it on and off at random instances, and I’m questioning what could also be taking place when it does this; is it attempting to get me to open it?
I’ve not meditated lately, though I actually must be doing so.

Thanks everybody!

Sharp Ache round Coronary heart.. Chakra balancing?

Hey guys, I’ve no clue the place else to write down about this so I discovered this sub reddit. Mainly, I’m into spirituality for like nearly 2 years, however 2 days in the past, I began getting sharp pains above my coronary heart and underneath my left nipple. At first I assumed I used to be having a coronary heart assault, however deep down I knew I wasn’t. Might this be that my coronary heart is opening extra with this new Moon in Saggitarius which is tomorrow? Thanks prematurely!

Trauma manifesting itself as a bodily sytpom in my throat chakra.

Throughout tai qi I skilled aching on proper aspect of my jaw and shoulder and after I meditate.

It looks like karma is manifesting its itself bodily behaviour and persona and I am continually conscious of it as a result of I really feel the bodily ache or expertise nervousness. Once I focus this thought it looks like I wish to say one thing out of anger/ache and understanding that feeling will alleviate this ache.

Is it about calming your thoughts a lot the trauma stops showing in my subconcious a lot that these aches do not seem in my periphal consciousness , thus my persona/bodily behaviour will not be so outlined by this sense?