what are the particular frequencies of every chakra?

clearly i’ve googled this. however i discovered a great deal of totally different charts/vids/websites with conflicting info. one will say 528 HZ is for the center, and one other will say 528 is for photo voltaic plexus, and one other will say 639 for the center and one other will say 320 for photo voltaic plexus, i am so confused… does somebody know what the actual frequencies are?

Hook up with the guts chakra

Eckhart Tolle, the autor of Energy of Now, have the idea of “Internal-Physique” Consciousness, I feel it is the identical of “Vitality Subject” or “Energetic Physique”. I like to pay attention to it and picture the middle of it within the coronary heart chakra. It normally convey a way of melting into love and all of the life round flowers. That is used to anchor within the current so it is continuous, 24/7. Do you assume there are any drawback in really feel my heart within the coronary heart chakra 24/7?

I received bullied in my nightmare and the man punched me proper on a chakra?

I am new to practising chakras. So about Three-Four days in the past, I started meditating and specializing in the crown, eye, throat, and coronary heart chakras. I did not do any of the opposite chakras. The night time I started meditating on these chakras, I began to have vivid nightmares. I have not had these in months. Final night time, I had a nightmare and this childhood bully got here as much as me. He kicked in all places and interrogated me, however nothing harm. The nightmare ended with him having 1-2 fingers placing me proper the place the photo voltaic plexus is and the ache was so robust I awoke. What does this imply?

why have on a number of events, my coronary heart chakra blockage was defused by being close to an animal?

its so attention-grabbing

on one event, a cat sat on my lap, randomly, and my coronary heart chakra was defused. in different phrases.. I began weeping. on a bench. exterior. in public. lol. dont suppose anybody noticed, although.. not that I actually care all that a lot tbh.

however anyhow, on one other event, I used to be laying exterior of a subway station. and a fowl flew and landed close to me. in a second, I felt completely beloved and protected and shit. idk if this sounds tremendous gushy, nevertheless it was what it was. in that second I felt that I used to be within the presence of a totally pure being. no matter meaning.. tears began flowing once more.

my coronary heart chakra immdiately simply begins flowering. it feels so good.

so..why is that this do you suppose?