What are indicators of the Crown chakra cleaning/therapeutic disaster or purging?

I do know as an example that the guts chakra can really feel like its irregular beating, some outdated unhappiness arising and many others.
I learn that one symtom is decreased urge for food with reference to the crown, is that this right?
Are our thought processes linked to the crown chakra as effectively? Like our perceptions of the world, ourselves?

Edit; Would a purging symptom be that outdated tendencies of overanalyzing and mistrusting religious steerage would come as much as be processed and let go?

Thanks guys

Crown Chakra Please Please Please

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y8LIbeKQ60U I did this final night time and as I used to be in a deep state of mediation a projection of a person was straddling me in my mattress holding me down by my shoulders together with his arms straight. It was like static trying however darker. I screamed and thrashed round and couldn’t see my husband, then it went away after which my husband was proper there subsequent to me and so fearful. the pill case closed once I was thrashing round and fell on the ground taking my earbuds with it. The case closing paused the video. this morning I opened it and to my horror the information had simply opened my crown chakra. I need them closed. I want to listen to from some individuals who learn about these things.

I noticed the crown chakra / Sahasrara

The opposite day with none information of what the crown chakra is or appears like, I smoked a small quantity of DMT and reached what is called the chrysanthemum stage of the journey. This is among the starting levels of the DMT expertise, and I’ve not but gone additional. What shocked me was studying about concerning the crown chakra a couple of minutes afterwards on-line. The thousand petal lotus describes what I noticed very clearly. Individuals additionally describe DMT and the crown chakra being associated to the identical areas of the physique (pineal gland / exiting the physique by the highest of the pinnacle) and the truth that individuals speak concerning the Sahasrara being related to the divine and an entrance to a spot the place something is feasible, which is strictly the place DMT takes individuals.

There are lots of different connections I’ve made that has me believing surely that DMT is a non secular substance. Our governments are clearly corrupt and evil for protecting sacred psychedelics unlawful. The battle on medication is a battle towards our minds and freedom.

In any case, I simply thought it would be attention-grabbing to level out that I discovered concerning the Sahasrara by seeing it on DMT.

I by chance opened my crown chakra!?

First sick admit i don’t meditate, and im not spiritual. this intense feeling occurred to me within the bathe proper after i informed myself/realized a principle that “i’m god, all of us are”. To me, i assumed it was one in all my bizarre regular ideas, simply passing into my thoughts whereas beginning my day. The second i informed myself that, an intense feeling from the highest of my head shot down into my backbone and all through my physique. I used to be frozen for some time, confused..tears flowing out..mostley in awe of this loopy feeling down my backbone that has me nearly paraylzed. I stored asking myself questions, and low key was adressing them to “god”….i by no means beleived in the next energy apart from precise larger animals than us..till this occurred..so i figured i might give it a shot? Each time i requested a query in my thoughts, however directing it to “god”..the sensation shot down my head and into my backbone even strongger..it stayed there your complete time..however it appeared to pulsate after every query. I took every intense pulse of this sense as responses. I cant inform to at the present time if i used to be truly speaking with the next drive, or simply speaking to my inside self, one through which i assumed i by no means have tapped totally into earlier than. This all occurred for about 15 minutes…and when it went away i stepped out of the bathe in awe and disbelief…..however the clearest my thoughts has ever felt. I’ve been depressed/misplaced in my thoughts for years since a teen, because of a tough upbringing..however every thing lastly vanished. Unhealthy ideas, the everyday “what am i suppose to do with my life” form of mindset..all lastly dissapeared. Within the bathe, one of many questions i requested was “would you like me to put in writing a e-book?” …..i already began it since, and that i dont know the best way to describe this..apart from i really feel like i’ve to put in writing it. One thing inside me is telling me that it’s the proper factor to do? I’ve by no means wished to put in writing a e-book earlier than, nevermind didnt anticipate my day to go from blah to “i’m god now?” Saying which will confuse you, as a result of i’m not religous..however when i say that i imply it as; i beleive we’re the supperior animals..we’re the “aliens”..we’re the “gods” people have been making an attempt to reward for hundreds of years. Thats the entire issues that popped into my thoughts whereas feeling all of that loopy “crown chakra” stuff. Anyhow, i sat down for a bit after the bathe, and contemplated whether or not i used to be going to inform my gf about this…or anybody else normally. I sat there asking extra questions like “what am i going to name this e-book?”…or how am i even going to start this e-book?”…each time i requested myself these items, the solutions at all times popped proper in my head clear as day, as if i knew them my whole life. Small bursts of what i felt within the bathe, additionally pulsated in my backbone and the again of my head after every reply. Days glided by, and that i solely ended up telling my lady that i’m going to put in writing a e-book. She suprisingly didnt assume i used to be silly. Hopefully ;). After about 4 days, i felt the urge to google what i felt..in try to look for the same story or the same feeling. I typed in “loopy tingly feeling in my head and backbone”…or one thing alongside these traces, and the very first thing to pop up was “crown chakra”. I learn the decription, and i used to be blown away. It described every thing i felt, bodily, mentally and emotionally. I nonetheless was iffy about the entire thing, so i learn additional. As i learn one of many “easy steps to opening your crown chakra” it happpened once more! I sat there sitting up in mattress, frozen..my girlfriend silently sleeping subsequent to me..and my tears simply flowing out…the day after i sat down and stated to myself, i dont know….i nonetheless dont know if i beleive in god or not…and it occurred once more. STILL i’m not religous, however i’ll admit i’m very blown away and confused as to what has been taking place to me. Every time it occurs, my thoughts feels smarter..sharper…and extra centered on what actually issues in life. Merely put, love! I hope this conjures up anybody it could actually, and opens the thoughts of the sceptical. I’ve at all times been that approach my whole life..and now i lastly know the solutions to every thing i at all times requested for, and my thoughts is open to something being doable now. If in case you have ever encountered this earlier than, please reply! I’ve been looking for crown chakra tales on-line, however i cant appear to seek out something apart from “the best way to open/activate them”. Peace!

Crown Chakra Assist

Hey guys! I am comparatively new to this subreddit, and I’m decently new to chakras! I not too long ago had a Reiki session the place he instructed me that when performing Reiki to my Crown, all he might see in his thoughts was a lonely little one in a darkish room underneath a single highlight. He stated I appeared extraordinarily disconnected with the universe. Like I wasn’t bringing the power down from my Crown by means of to my Root, however I am doing nicely going from Root to Crown. So I am in search of some workout routines and meditations to work on reference to my Crown! Thanks all!