Is it doable to see power from our chakras?

I lately developed an curiosity into understanding chakras and I am studying a guide “Wheels of Life: The basic information to the chakra system” and there is an intro train for opening hand chakras the place you prolong your arms/fingers parallel to the bottom, one hand faces up and the opposite down and also you rapidly shut your fingers approx. A dozen instances, reverse your palms then shut them once more a dozen extra instances. After this, you then open your fingers and slowly deliver your palms collectively (beginning about 2 ft aside) till they’re four inches aside the place it is best to really feel a refined ball of power floating between you palms.
After I did this, I felt the power very barely however after I centered my eyes in between the area of my fingers I might see one thing that seemed like gasoline oil, swirling in numerous instructions. Is that me seeing a bodily manifestation of the chakra power or one thing else?

Attention-grabbing Excerpt About Power Channels From A Buddha GrandMaster

This excerpt is from the e-book ‘Zhuan Falun’ ( which I’ve added the hyperlink to on the finish of this submit). This excerpt describes talks about The Cosmic Orbit and Power Channels (It is not the total speak about this matter only a brief excerpt nevertheless it’s very attention-grabbing nonetheless):

✿ The Cosmic Orbit ✿

Within the Daoist system they discuss concerning the Macro- and Micro-Cosmic Orbits, so let’s discuss a bit about what the Cosmic Orbit is. The Cosmic Orbit that folks normally speak about is the one you type by connecting the Conception Vessel and Governing Vessel. That Cosmic Orbit doesn’t even scratch the floor, it’s nothing. It’s only for therapeutic and health, and it’s known as the Micro-Cosmic Orbit.

Now, there’s one other kind of Cosmic Orbit. It’s not known as the Micro-Cosmic Orbit or the Macro-Cosmic Orbit. It’s a type of Cosmic Orbit that’s cultivated in deep meditation. It strikes round contained in the physique, beginning by circling the Niwan, then it strikes downward contained in the physique, it reaches the elixir discipline and circles round it, after which it strikes up. It circles internally. That’s a real Cosmic Orbit that’s cultivated in deep meditation.

After that Cosmic Orbit kinds, it creates a robust vitality circulate, after which that one vitality channel drives 100 vitality channels to maneuver, which helps to drive all the opposite vitality channels. Daoists discuss concerning the Cosmic Orbit, however Buddhism doesn’t. Then what does Buddhism speak about? When Shakyamuni was transmitting his system of Legislation he didn’t speak about gong. He didn’t point out gong, however his apply did have his method of evolving issues in cultivation.

How does the vitality channel go in Buddhism? It begins on the Baihui acupoint, and after that’s utterly unblocked it spirals down from the highest of the pinnacle and goes to the decrease components of the physique, and finally all of the vitality channels are activated this fashion.

The central vitality channel in Tantrism has the identical objective. Some individuals say that there is no such thing as a central vitality channel. Then inform me, why can they domesticate a central channel in Tantrism? The actual fact is, whenever you add up all of the vitality channels in an individual’s physique there are over 10,000 of them. They crisscross vertically and horizontally identical to blood vessels do, and there’s much more of them than blood vessels. There aren’t any blood vessels within the areas between your organs, however there are vitality channels there.

So, ranging from the highest of the pinnacle, vitality channels crisscross vertically and horizontally in all components of your physique, and in Tantric cultivation they join them. Possibly they’re not straight at first, in order that they open them, after which they regularly widen them, and that slowly kinds a straight vitality channel. That vitality channel serves as an axle and spins, driving the wheels that spin horizontally with thought. The aim there, too, is to activate the entire physique’s vitality channels.

Our Falun Dafa cultivation has stayed away from utilizing one vitality channel to drive a whole lot of different ones. Proper from the get-go we make all of the vitality channels transfer concurrently and all vitality channels function in sync. We’re instantly positioned at a excessive stage to do our cultivating, and we keep away from these decrease issues. One vitality channel driving all of them—if you wish to utterly drive them open you can put in an entire lifetime and perhaps it nonetheless wouldn’t be lengthy sufficient.

Some individuals must domesticate for many years. It’s actually onerous. In plenty of totally different practices there’s a saying, “In a single lifetime you may’t end cultivation.” There are lots of people who domesticate in profound Nice Legislation practices, and people are in a position to lengthen their lives. Don’t they domesticate longevity? They’ll lengthen their lives to domesticate, and so they domesticate for a very long time.

The complete e-book could be downloaded right here. It talks about different dimensions, the soul, the cosmos within the microcosm and the macrocosm, supernatural talents, karma, therapeutic, the true historical past of mankind, transcending the 5 parts and leaving the three realms and lots of many different fascinating issues:

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Vitality… what’s vitality? Its You, it is me, and it is throughout us. We’re absorbing and releasing vitality each second of your life even in case you do not realize it you might be. We’re every a small vitality reactor producing it. And vitality is radiating off of you on a regular basis and could be seen as an aura. (We’ll get into auras later) vitality could be manipulated in many various methods. And you must by no means cease attempting to study new methods to make use of it. I’ll publish extra on particular methods you should use vitality. Plz remark your questions or options on what I ought to speak about subsequent time. Peace out✌