I like lists – Attempting to develop a “Chakra Train Listing” to assist clarify them to different/assist strengthen and open

Hello, I’m comparatively new to Chakra research and vitality work however I really feel I’m at a degree the place I’ve sufficient grasp to make one thing for myself and others in the event that they select to assist with chakra work.

What I incision is a guidelines of the bodily elements of opening and strengthening Chakras. Not a lot a “Every day To Do Listing” however reminders of what we must be doing outdoors of meditation for our vitality/chakra well being.

For me personally (and I have no idea how regular that is) my Throat Chakra and up tends to be in good situation whereas under Photo voltaic-plexus down are typically closed or blown out with my coronary heart chakra being type of a within the center. So for me, I might have one thing for the Root Chakra on this “Train Listing” like “Did you Train at this time?” and “Did you clear up after your self at this time?” “Have you ever eaten nicely at this time?” For Coronary heart Chakra “Have you ever expressed gratitude at this time?” “Have you ever hugged somebody at this time?” And so for. Proper now these things are popping out as questions, I’m not certain if that’s the manner I need to hold it, however it’s a begin.

Any assist in creating this (or the route to an present device just like this) can be appreciated.

Having this power within the entrance of my brow for years now. Can anybody clarify what it’s / why I’ve it?

I am not a yoga practitioner however I simply googled what it was. I preserve feeling this ‘power’ (for lack of a greater discription) between my eyebrows however somewhat bit extra up. It simply seems. Once I transfer my hand over it, it disappears.
I do not know what the operate is, and why it’s there, nevertheless it has been there for years. It seems and dissapears each day dozens of occasions.
Any assistance is welcome.
PS: I did strive yoga twice nevertheless it did not impact it, neither did I obtain any extra perception about it..

Can somebody clarify the way to?

I have been into meditation for some time. Began with some mindfullness and tried some guided meditations on-line. Final month I learnt TM meditation. Now I’ve come throughout this Chakra meditation. I have been wanting numerous locations however I can not seem to discover a information on the way to meditate chakra-style. I’ve solely discovered what the seven chakras characterize and why they appear to be blocked. I do not know the way to open them.

Can somebody clarify how I open my chakras?

Further questions: (There might come a number of extra later)
– Will I’ve to do it as soon as day by day?