Anybody else expertise the blissful “hovering” feeling

I can solely describe it as once I’m feeling blissful, and listening to music, my head will really feel open, I will be respiration by means of my crown, and my power will virtually really feel like I am hovering by means of the air. Does anybody else expertise any comparable phenomena?

feeling of (actual) burning coronary heart typically

hello folks of this reddit!
i am having a fairly lively unconscious time these months

very impressed, with visions, colours, photos, sweetness and flowing of creativity

additionally, when i meditate, i start to have spontaneous actions, like twitch or bending the again of my backbone

typically i form of start to awake for a short second in the course of the night time having a burn sensation behind the spin, flowing up, like warmth or hearth

however proper know, and sometiems, in moments i cant management or suppose why, i really feel my coronary heart is burning

like, actual burning, however in a pleasure manne r

on the identical time, is just not so pleasurable, as a result of the hearth appears actual, burning the within of my chest

it may be associated to the chakras?

can the center chakra open with this symptons?


Bizarre feeling throughout chakra sleep mediation ??

Recently ive been actually confused and stuffed with nervousness over a state of affairs. In consequence i discover myself staying up previous four within the morning like I cant sleep it doesn’t matter what I do.

I went on youtube and I checked out calming music after which I seen one thing that was bassicaly alongside the strains of “Cleanse your chakras when you sleep”.

I used to be like “why not??” and I attempted it. I learn the descrpition and it mentioned to envelope your self in gentle and to ask your spirt guides to exscrot you thru your journey.

Lengthy story brief I awakened round an hour later in a lot ache in my abdomen, after I say ache I cant even descrbe the feeling!! it felt like one thing was going out and in of my abdomen and I used to be questioning if this meant something? And is it regular to really feel these sensation? Or was I not able to do one thing like this? Or was it even actual in any respect??

My mother freaked me out and advised me that stuff like this opens gates for evil so im kinda scared now :C

Thanks anybody who replies

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Bizarre Feeling when taking a look at my very own aura within the mirror when specializing in third eye chakra.

Yesterday, I used to be taking a look at myself within the mirror with a purpose to follow seeing auras, specializing in my third eye to take action. When i began feeling my pulse quicken, then a stress feeling in my photo voltaic plexus area increase till it turned uncomfortably intense stress. I then stopped doing so for that night. It then appears like a boring ache for a 30-60 mint sure earlier than subsiding.

I did the identical at the moment and I acquired the identical feeling though way more shortly, and once more I finished since sit was that intense once more. Once more feeling the boring ache afterwards.

Ought to I cease doing it? Or ought to I’m going by means of with it and attempt to break by means of the extreme feeling?