Lucid Dreaming, Photo voltaic Plexus, Hypnagogia?

I closely tried inducing lucid dreaming final evening. I took a cognition-focused multi-vitamin, ate a banana, ate cheese earlier than mattress, had water close by, repeatedly checked out a wide range of photographs of sure potential lucidity triggers, had my watch wake me up in the course of the evening (WAY too unsubtle), meditated previous to mattress, drank milk, listened to lucid dream-induction music, listened to binaural beats, listened to music that brings to thoughts the feeling/musical tune of lucid goals (e.g. Coraline, Avatar: TLA, LoK, and extra), watched some clips of sure reveals that used to assist induce them, watched subliminal messages, did TONS of actuality checks ~1 hour earlier than mattress, took melatonin, and visualized (did a poor job in my view).

I didn’t expertise a lucid dreaming, however I DID expertise one thing odd.

I’ve meditated upon my photo voltaic plexus for just a little over 6 years (10-20 minutes a day) (Basically simply getting into a sure frame of mind that I’m not going to say but..I prefer to confer with it because the “Tremendous Saiyan” or “Offended Righteous Shonen Energy Up” frame of mind).

Preserving that in thoughts, I didn’t return to sleep since ~2:18 AM Central aside from 2-Three brief durations of perhaps Three-5 minutes that every appeared like 45 minutes (I often get up at 7:45-Eight:45).

I’m recovering from masturbation-caused ED and can typically expertise bizarre goals when attempting to go to sleep (surprisingly foggy but lucid not by way of imaginative and prescient however sensing my environment with a seemingly adverse degree of atmosphere) that, for some motive, might trigger me to properly..glue (I’ve discovered to stop this).

I do know that is gross, however preserve going. That is the place it will get fascinating.

I began seeing VERY unusual imagery in bizarre goals (hypogognia?) that, in actuality, apparently lasted 2-5 minutes however felt like they every lasted ~45 minutes and occurred shortly.

I’ve been VERY a lot in my head right now sort of indifferent from actuality not within the sense of delusion however within the sense issues really feel like a lucid dream. I listened to a few of that music (Alice’s Theme) from Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, and it GREATLY elevated it step by step over the course of listening to it (perhaps Three-5 minutes).

I’ve been taking a look at screens (nearly no blue mild), and books recently, not addicted however targeted to a surprisingly excessive diploma (not as immersive as a move state however simply as targeted). It’s virtually like hyperfocus.


EDIT: I forgot to say yet another factor. When attempting to meditate on my photo voltaic plexus like regular right now, relatively than having a Tremendous Saiyan or Tremendous Saiyan 2-like sensation (tingling, energy, badassery, rightsousness, virtually a vengeance-like feeling in opposition to injustice) and feeling fired up, it was extra like a sensation of a pillar of sunshine surrounding me projecting off of me like Tremendous Saiyan Rage or Tremendous Saiyan God.

Somewhat than feeling tingling, emotion, and many others. upon meditation upon my photo voltaic plexus, I appeared to simply really feel energy.

Be mindful, I DID have that Alice in Wonderland tune caught in my head.

The next is a bit disturbing:

I used to be specializing in occasions in my previous that had a really heat, comforting, optimistic influence on me prior to now whereas meditating yesterday too. My root chakra area appeared to be fluctuating like I used to be yo-yoing a fart (so sorry for that picture), however I wasn’t. Is that protected and regular?

The area of balls appears to tingle after these bizarre “goals”. It IS actually chilly, and I DID cum a TINY bit (pre-cum?)
Is that dangerous?