Technique to powerfully energize Chakras and Meridian

Hello, I’ve discovered a strategy to energize Chakras.

It’s a 2 step proccess, first you supercharge your meridian system.
Then I merely use intent to switch that power to my meridians which simply “occurs”.

So what you do is sweep together with your hand, you could possibly maintain a magnet for extra impact, and sweep down your governing meridian plenty of instances, then sweep up a smaller variety of instances (roughtly half as many) then repeat.

After you do that for a few would possibly, you would possibly be capable of really feel power streaming off your arms, you may additionally really feel tingling in your hand, the one you have not been sweeping with.

Then merely move your hand in entrance of your Meridians and switch the power.
You will discover that your chakras at the moment are energized and also you hand just isn’t.

Repeat the proccess.
It’s simpler if you happen to can really feel power as a result of then you’ll be able to inform that is working, however after you sweep down and up (however extra instances down) your governing meridian you’ll be able to seemingly really feel power radiating out of your fingers arms.