The essentially bodily nature of the chakras.

when coping with the chakras, deal with their bodily nature, as a result of the thoughts and senses are vulnerable to phantasm/hallucination.

if a chakra has manifested bodily, you’ll be able to confirm its existance objectively via repeated experimentation.

specializing in feelings related to a chakra is an inferior path if the purpose is precise attainment, as a result of they’re emergent from the chakras, not elementary.

specializing in the related colours can be not advisable in my view, as a result of it may be intercepted by visible hallucination.

the the case of each emotion and shade, if these are the specified outcomes, we are able to generate them through non-chakra sources.

when the chakra is established, these feelings will comply with. the bodily nature of the chakra is the main target of dhyana/meditation, precisely as a result of it’s the most elementary, and so then different manifestations are subsequently added onto the steady basis.