What occurs in the event you visualize the “mistaken” coloration for every chakra? Additionally, what about colorblind individuals?

Because the title says, whether or not deliberately (for any cause) or unintentionally (I generally have intrusive ideas that purposefully disrupt my visualizations i.e as an alternative of seeing crimson at root chakra I’ll see my blood exploding inside me involuntarily and this immediately stops my meditation)

Additionally, if you’re colorblind, partially or fully blind, or have any form of dysfunction that alters your coloration notion, what have you ever skilled and the way does this have an effect on the rituals or processes you undergo in your meditative work/ chakra work/ vitality work?


I bought a musty physique odor that just some folks can odor. Assist me?

Handled for chlamidya. Handled for an ear an infection and yeast. Handled for yeast once more. Unfavourable on STDS. All the pieces is nice urologically. I have been to six docs. This odor is on me even after I bathe and it is musty and sizzling. What the fuck is it? I can odor the dangerous odor on myself by the way in which even proper after showering.

Are there any guidelines right here concerning trolling and posters insulting/swearing at individuals? [Rules]

I’m unsure if this may get taken down or if it isn’t allowed right here, if not then please take it down by all means however I believed I’d submit anyway.

I’ve seen, and had a sure poster be extraordinarily impolite on a submit I made on my private account, swearing at me, insulting me and being extraordinarily destructive. They’ve been extraordinarily impolite and insulting on a lot of individuals’s posts on this particular sub.

It’s apparent from their submit historical past that they’re trolling, not simply this sub however a whole lot of different religious subs.

I’m questioning if there are any guidelines towards this? If not, is it doable for one to be made?
I’d hope the possibility of getting banned from this sub would make individuals being insulting and trolling again off.

It’s actually distressing, disheartening and upsetting to come back right here for assist and recommendation solely to have a poster remark swearing at you, insulting you and being utterly condescending.