Ive meditated earlier than and cleansed my chakras as much as crown chakra earlier than. Time handed and I finished meditating after which I’ve struggled with despair closely. Lately I’ve determined to start out meditation as soon as once more however can I cleanse my chakras as a pessimist? I’ve a really brutal and pessimistic approach of viewing humanity and the world. I additionally dabbled within the Satanic Bible and located it’s teachings very relatable and real looking. What do you consider cleaning my chakras however retaining my pessimistic views? Is that this potential? Since to my information chakras promote positivity and happiness.


Am i able to begin meditate with crown chakra?
I dont know a lot however is there one thing i must learn about this?
i search earlier than mattress chakra meditate movies and listening randomly. Im additionally into some previous conventional issues like hindus method, Tibetan meditation, mantras…
What ought to I desire to opening chakra meditate, which is more practical or how can I select it?

query about ajna chakra

Hey! My ajna chakra is fairly balanced normally, and has been for a some time, which makes me very comfortable 🙂

For the previous couple of days although, I’ve been feeling the chakra’s power as normal, however along with the common sensations, there was sensations additionally on the prime of my nostril and to the perimeters slightly little bit of the highest of my nostril. It does not strike me as regarding in any manner, however it is vitally curious, as I can nonetheless really feel the ajna chakra at its regular spots of manifestation. I assume my query extra has to do with whether or not there are some minor chakras on the nostril or extra straight between the bodily eyes as a substitute of the conventional ajna chakra location, which is slightly above the eyes. If anybody has any perception or data on this it might be a lot appreciated. Thanks!!

Query about Chakra Meditation

I have been not too long ago moving into loads of Chakra Meditations, my query is that when your visualizing the person chakras/colours do you have a look at your self as in case your outdoors your physique seeing the chakras illuminate? Or are you in your physique like regular? If that’s the case, how do you see the chakras/colours in case your not capable of look straight at them? As an example, the basis chakra is on the bottom, it is exhausting for me to visualise it behind me.

Chakra Noob Query right here

So, I have never actually finished a lot work with Chakras and probably the most I’ve examine them is what’s been talked about in books on different subjects. I perceive the fundamental thought of opening and balancing of Chakras, however I used to be questioning what it means to “develope” a chakra. Is there any profit to growing yet one more than one other? Why would somebody wish to do that within the first place?

opening third eye query

so I feel I am getting shut, yesterday I had a lightweight stress in my brow however at this time throughout my meditation it became an ache that ultimately went by to the again of my head and the again of the roof of my mouth. The ache in my brow and at the back of my head is within the center, however in my mouth it is extra on the left facet and I even have a headache within the left of my head.. I do know the ache in my brow is regular however I am questioning about the remainder?

For anybody questioning about my meditation, I’ve tried utilizing that “thoh” chant however I do not suppose it was working for me. So as a substitute I am buzzing which I really feel is working significantly better. Whereas buzzing I think about the vitality operating up by my physique to the highest the place my third eye is. I do that twice a day, as soon as within the morning and earlier than I am going to mattress, doing one other 5 hums each time. I am nonetheless making an attempt to determine my meditation so any recommendation is appreciated.

Additionally, I had a query in regards to the third eye and astral projection, which I made within the AP subreddit, together with my expertise with AP to date. I will put up the hyperlink to it right here in case anybody is .