feeling of (actual) burning coronary heart typically

hello folks of this reddit!
i am having a fairly lively unconscious time these months

very impressed, with visions, colours, photos, sweetness and flowing of creativity

additionally, when i meditate, i start to have spontaneous actions, like twitch or bending the again of my backbone

typically i form of start to awake for a short second in the course of the night time having a burn sensation behind the spin, flowing up, like warmth or hearth

however proper know, and sometiems, in moments i cant management or suppose why, i really feel my coronary heart is burning

like, actual burning, however in a pleasure manne r

on the identical time, is just not so pleasurable, as a result of the hearth appears actual, burning the within of my chest

it may be associated to the chakras?

can the center chakra open with this symptons?


are chakras actual?

not a hater, simply have been looking for the validity of chakras. Im genuinely curious in the event that they exist, or relatively, i really feel they exist. Is there any hyperlinks one can direct me, or higher but some kind of train that may give me an “ah ha!” second of expertise? I would love the make up my thoughts if its a factor i would prefer to discover first, however proper now i simply must know in the event that they exist in my world. Thanks upfront!