I noticed the crown chakra / Sahasrara

The opposite day with none information of what the crown chakra is or appears like, I smoked a small quantity of DMT and reached what is called the chrysanthemum stage of the journey. This is among the starting levels of the DMT expertise, and I’ve not but gone additional. What shocked me was studying about concerning the crown chakra a couple of minutes afterwards on-line. The thousand petal lotus describes what I noticed very clearly. Individuals additionally describe DMT and the crown chakra being associated to the identical areas of the physique (pineal gland / exiting the physique by the highest of the pinnacle) and the truth that individuals speak concerning the Sahasrara being related to the divine and an entrance to a spot the place something is feasible, which is strictly the place DMT takes individuals.

There are lots of different connections I’ve made that has me believing surely that DMT is a non secular substance. Our governments are clearly corrupt and evil for protecting sacred psychedelics unlawful. The battle on medication is a battle towards our minds and freedom.

In any case, I simply thought it would be attention-grabbing to level out that I discovered concerning the Sahasrara by seeing it on DMT.