What are indicators of the Crown chakra cleaning/therapeutic disaster or purging?

I do know as an example that the guts chakra can really feel like its irregular beating, some outdated unhappiness arising and many others.
I learn that one symtom is decreased urge for food with reference to the crown, is that this right?
Are our thought processes linked to the crown chakra as effectively? Like our perceptions of the world, ourselves?

Edit; Would a purging symptom be that outdated tendencies of overanalyzing and mistrusting religious steerage would come as much as be processed and let go?

Thanks guys

Indicators of photo voltaic plexus clearing or imbalance

I’ve had surges of anger developing, i really feel intense anger to issues that may annoy me (though i strive my finest to not present this to my environment)..and surprise if it is a signal of an imbalance or an indication of really the photo voltaic plexus getting cleaned up?

Does anybody have any comparable experiences?