hey guys! im actually attempting to get into all meditation and chakra stuff however i do not know the place to start out or the place to be taught something concerning the 7 chakras lmk any web sites or when you have any data to assist me out! thanks


The best way to channel ki to the chakras (and different stuff)

Edit: This put up is extra of a query than saying how to do that stuff.

So, this neighborhood must be extra energetic. It is the brand new interval of the cycle in any case. I am not too positive how to do that, so I will wing it. We must always evaluate methods and consolidate data and expertise. That is what these communities are for. Doing collectively greater than we will do individually.

(I am a male by the best way)

After I’m not tousled (bodily) and have average posture, when doing virtually something (and typically unintentionally), I will create a sensation on my brow, simply above the realm between my eyebrows. I equate this to directing vitality (kundalini) from the bottom of my backbone, up the backbone in a vortex, to my higher again to round my neck, to my pineal gland, and out my brow. I have been specializing in my third eye chakra essentially the most, and it is the one occasion the place I will really feel a sensation when making an attempt to open a chakra.

Really, the primary time I felt this sensation was whereas studying about chakras, and it stated that you’d really feel sensations when the chakras had been opened, and I instantly turned conscious of the feeling on my brow for the primary time. This fast outcome actually spurred my curiosity, as a result of I may truly really feel it.

Is that this much like any of your experiences? I’ve targeted reasonably on my navel, photo voltaic plexus, and most not too long ago coronary heart chakras, however I have not observed any progress but, although I perceive there should be obstructions that are being eliminated, and so it is not a fruitless effort.

I am usually simply making an attempt to clarify what I have been doing to assist others and to see if anybody may add to what I’ve stated or add any information, particularly about the right way to direct the vitality via the chakras.

I’ve been in a position to *maybe* sense the “wheels” “turning” a few instances when smoking hashish, and concentrating my consciousness up and down; down was a slower turning and better up was sooner, as I perceive it must be. If felt like a buffeted turning although, like air being blown at solely the highest half of a fan. It additionally notedly felt like my respiration was the wind on this fan, so once I breathed sooner, I may discover the “fan” pace up. I’ve been unable to really feel something aside from a “questionable” sensation of turning wheels whereas sober. It is my understanding that I ought to direct vitality out of the chakras, and begin eliminating obstructions. Then once I can expel vitality sufficiently properly, I ought to attempt to twist(?) it and attempt to make it circulate round and round, in the identical aircraft because the vitruvian man, or the ground when laying in your again. What I imply to say, is that if it had been going round in a circle, it will appear like a circle in case you checked out it from in entrance of me. I need to say this to tell apart it as not being a circle in case you had been to look down at me from above. I’ve heard that when the vitality is not launched and is as a substitute saved inside the physique, it’s “cultivated”? Chakra does imply “wheel” in any case (on prime of many different issues…), so it appears unusual that it is namesake is just achieved after a lot work, and is not accessible to many individuals. Simply an statement.

I additionally did unintentionally direct ki vitality (or what have you ever) downwards out of the bottom of my backbone after smoking hashish. I had very unhealthy posture, so I believe that blocked it from going upwards, and it brought about quite a lot of sharp ache for just a few seconds till I directed it upwards out of my crown chakra on the top-back of my head, which I perceive is a good suggestion if in case you have extra ~~chakra~~ ki. For some purpose it appears this chakra is straightforward to direct ~~chakra~~ ki out of, regardless of being the best one.

Now, I would prefer to take a barely scientific method, or not less than logical. If this ki vitality is “actual vitality”, then the act of fixing its circulate should require a pressure. Or maybe the vitality follows a path of least resistance, like a channel. So, I am both manipulating a hyper-dimensional non-physical physique in such a manner as to direct the vitality, or I am opening up a closed sphincter (for lack of a greater time period). How can I exploit this information to change into “conscious” of the mechanism? I believe in case you may do that, you may expedite the training technique of your physique, like muscle reminiscence if you realize what I imply.

So, simply thought I would share my private expertise for others. I hope somebody may maybe share if they’ve any related expertise, or something associated. Thanks.

I do know nothing about these things, however I believe I discovered one thing round my photo voltaic plexus?

As as I’m, I’ve no data of chakras and chi and such. I simply haven’t got the time to study it as a school scholar.
Anyway, I’ve observed that if I give attention to the realm proper beneath my sternum, I’ve heard known as the photo voltaic plexus, I really feel a contented vitality.

I actually simply glanced to the facet of the display and say that it is known as “Manipura”? Is that proper? I simply need somebody to clarify what I am speaking about lol.


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