lack on data on methods

I might prefer to preface his by saying that is truly a superb factor. I will clarify.

For probably the most half, there’s little beneficial data obtainable on-line relating to methods for working with chakras and (power work generally for that matter). most data is simply rehashed and there appears to be little else supplied aside from the data first propagated by the theosophical society and later by folks like anodea judith. not that that is fallacious essentially; if the system works, than nice. however this has not been very true in my expertise.

i feel that if folks actually put within the work, which means meditation and dealing with the power; and follows their coronary heart; they discover the solutions. for instance, in my very own pursuits, i’ve at numerous occasions felt misplaced. however wanting again at the place i’m now, the solutions appeared in numerous methods, academics appeared in numerous methods…i used to be guided to the following stage, the following ladder in my journey.

i’ve arrived, as i believe many others have, at sure solutions and understandings about how the chakras work, their connections and relationship between themselves and the distinctive vibrations and power that they possess each collectively and independently. and i believe, like many others, that these distinctive understandings weren’t realized or described in all of the books ever written on the topic, however gleaned by truly doing the work.