Once I work on opening my chakras my physique strikes by itself and I really feel like I am being lifted up.

I exploit an app that is all about 7 chakras music. You click on what chakra you need to work on and it then performs meditative music for that chakra. Meditation is about clearing your thoughts but additionally letting go of management and simply let issues occur naturally. I do the identical for my physique. About 10 min in my physique will begin to transfer. My palms will begin to do a gradual dance. So will my head and chest. If I’m mendacity down my legs will begin lifting themselves up after which my arms. Its like any individual is making an attempt to tug me up. And really feel one thing pulling on my neck. It should pull my throat up so I find yourself arching my neck. Then I’ll open my mouth vast. I really feel this enormous vitality from my neck. It looks like after I lay down any individual has tied strings onto my physique and is lifting me up. It feels enjoyable and tremendous trippy. The sensation is best than medicine. If any individual may look by means of my window they might in all probability assume I am doing a little actually bizarre trying yoga. My physique strikes a lot throughout meditation and I wasn’t anticipating this. And the factor is I am not controlling it in any respect. I am simply letting my physique do its personal factor. Its one of many trippiest experiences I’ve ever had. Nevertheless it retains taking place each time truly. I am new to this so I do not know what is going on on. What the hell is that this? I attempted trying on the web for information. Did not discover a lot. Does anyone know what the hell I am experiencing?

Power work and transgender people: What I’ve discovered about chakra spin. [X-post r/energy_work]

Hiya all.

I am an vitality work practitioner who heals frequently. I’ve discovered one thing attention-grabbing in a number of transgender shoppers, each ladies and men: Their chakras spin within the path of their gender identification, not their organic intercourse.

First, let’s discuss chakra spin. [Several](http://www.gurutalks.com/secret-of-chakra-rotation/) [sources](http://www.healing-art-community.com/the-seven-major-chakras/) discuss concerning the path during which chakras spin in men and women.

In males, it is purported, the primary chakra rotates clockwise, the second counter-clockwise, the third clockwise, the fourth counter-clockwise and so forth. In females, that is reversed: The primary rotates counter-clockwise, the second clockwise, the third counter-clockwise, the fourth clockwise, and so forth.

This is sensible on just a few ranges. Chakras alternate the path of spin after every chakra as a result of they need to operate like gears in a wholesome system. This sample of vitality circulate offers optimum motion for every particular person vitality middle in addition to the entire system.

As for why they’re totally different instructions between genders, the reason is in female and male vitality. [This source](http://rootshunt.com/maleandfemalechakras.htm) talks concerning the path of vitality spin of female and male vitality, which I believe will get nearer to really explaining the phenomenon. The vitality itself is what’s female and male—not essentially the individual.

For a lot of people, their organic intercourse matches their gender identification, so it is easy to make the soar that one’s biology performs a job in creating the path of their chakra spin. For transgender people, nonetheless, this is not the case. The attention-grabbing factor is that the predominant vitality, that which determines chakra rotation, is not linked to the bodily physique however as a substitute to one thing else.

This creates just a few attention-grabbing questions: What causes the predominant vitality (male or feminine) in an individual to be what it’s?
Is that this mismatch of vitality and biology chargeable for dysphoria?
Is ‘being true to oneself’ on an lively stage what offers the motivating pressure behind transitioning? In that case, what does that say about who we’re (e.g. energetic vs. bodily)?

I do not but have the solutions to those questions, however I did assume the invention was value sharing with you.

Thanks for studying.