What occurs in the event you visualize the “mistaken” coloration for every chakra? Additionally, what about colorblind individuals?

Because the title says, whether or not deliberately (for any cause) or unintentionally (I generally have intrusive ideas that purposefully disrupt my visualizations i.e as an alternative of seeing crimson at root chakra I’ll see my blood exploding inside me involuntarily and this immediately stops my meditation)

Additionally, if you’re colorblind, partially or fully blind, or have any form of dysfunction that alters your coloration notion, what have you ever skilled and the way does this have an effect on the rituals or processes you undergo in your meditative work/ chakra work/ vitality work?


What am i doing mistaken?

Once I meditate, my thoughts is completely content material and absent. I’ve discovered to stay, let be, forgive and neglect, and get moments of pure Bliss. I additionally get moments of absolute hatred and anger, and at one cut-off date I might even fantasize of watching the complete woods burn. I really feel intense stress in my third eye, but when I attempt to meditate on it it appears as if I’m pulled additional away. I dislike detrimental feelings, and based on the descriptions of the chakras I ought to have all of them vast open, however they don’t seem to be, or if they’re, I do not realize it.

Am I doing it mistaken?

Once I meditate on my chakras, I normally simply sit usually, or lie down, and deal with my respiration. I deal with my respiration till I change into misplaced in it and I really feel like a spectator.

As soon as I’ve gotten right here is after I start to image my chakras and me opening them, therapeutic them, and many others.

Are there extra environment friendly methods to do that?