The lotus that blossoms on the Camino [Book]

A mystical, spiritual and therapeutic journey to Santiago.

The pilgrimage route from the Pyrenees to Santiago de Compostela can be compared to a voyage to one’s inner essence whose purpose is to awaken the sleeping soul or serpent of kundalini.

The book explains the relation the chakras have with the Way and helps one to undertake and experience this personal transformation. The 750km are divided into 7 sections, corresponding to the chakras. There is also an introductory section and concluding chapter.

The book is crammed with practical and historical information and many anecdotes.
The book allows you to:

  • enjoy the myths, legends, folklore and customs of the inhabitants of the Camino.
  • read about the influence of the Knights Templar and their Celtic, Sufi and pagan predecessors.
  • delve into Christian mysticism and immerse yourself in the splendour and secrets of its cathedrals, churches and monasteries.
  • find out about the curious parallels with the Tarot.
  • tune into the earth energy centres on route.
  • understand and unlock the energy of the chakras by experiencing them through practical advice on yoga postures, meditation, visualisation, aromatherapy, crystal healing and Bach Flower remedies.