1 thought on “The true story on the Chakras”

  1. This article by Christopher Wallis (a Sanskrit scholar) also talks about things mentioned in Chris Tompkins’ [interview](https://www.reddit.com/r/Chakras/comments/8mjgo2/learn_the_true_origin_of_the_chakras_conversation/).

    Summary of points covered:

    1. There’s not just one chakra system in the original tradition, there are many.
    1. The chakra systems are prescriptive, not descriptive.
    1. The psychological states associated with the chakras are completely modern and Western.
    1. The seven-chakra system popular today derives not from an ancient scripture, but from a treatise written in 1577.
    1. The main purpose of a chakra system is to function as a template for nyāsa — installation of mantras and deities.
    1. The seed-mantras that you think go with the chakras actually go with the elements that happen to be installed in those chakras.

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