Therapeutic my muladhara

Hey, so I positively really feel I’ve an under-active muladhara (root chakra) and this may be seen from my bowel actions (liquidy).

Now how would one go about therapeutic my muladhara so I really feel relaxed on this world? I’ve anxiousness generally, nonetheless via meditation I really feel I’ve positively eradicated the severity of it. Nonetheless, when I’m in public I really feel I’m extra anxious, I do not actually really feel relaxed that a lot.

Any ideas/assist/info on therapeutic the muladhara is appreciated.


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  1. Hey! I’ve been working really hard at opening/balancing my root chakra and something that’s really helped me is listening to music/chants related to this chakra. I also have been dealing with a lot of anxiety and already I feel an improvement just by consciously thinking about the chakra opening as I listen to the music and chant. Check out the “meditative mind” youtube channel, they have lots of great stuff! I also carry around stones that relate to the chakra such as obsidian and hematite.

  2. You’re stuck in this bubble, you’re behind your body somewhere and nothing can get in to this, nothing can touch you or harm you, you just experience life…trust in the life process, trust in the life provider. You were good enough to make so we’re expecting you to be you. Be ok with this moment.

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