Third Eye

How do I open my third eye? Coraline appears to assist in regards to instinct. It has a dream/lucid dream like other-worldly high quality to it. Ought to I feed my extraverted instinct (extraverted instinct is basically an outer type of instinct..It really works like a plasma ball)?

I’ve developed my photo voltaic plexus for thus lengthy, I’ve a tough time, not activating that as an alternative of one other chakra..How can we activate different chakras? What mind-set can we meed? What are the elements of that mind-set? How can we get to that mind-set?

For me, the mind-set for activating the photo voltaic plexus is anger, emotional management, a must act, a sense of righteousness, a necessity somewhat than a want to be stronger, and visualizing an act of injustice. At this level, I can flip it on and off like a change.

What are the instances with the opposite 6 fundamental chakras?

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  1. Definitely spend at least a few breathes visualizing yourself receiving and giving from each chakra, up the middle pillar.

    For the 3rd eye, I find it useful to, with your eyes closed, look up to where it is. Your eye muscles will tend to vibrate a bit, let that shake the area. Also, gather that solar plexus energy into a ball and”lift” it up to you heart, then your throat, then your third eye, as you go through a few breathes at each. This should literally straighten your spine and extend you upwards. Really FEEL that energy at each point, look up at your 3rd eye and FEEL (imagine, if you have to) that energy there.

    You can also put some peppermint oil or something else that cools or heats the skin there, to help. And hum. Hum loudly and feel it in your chest. Then, slowly, move that vibration “”up”” your body, by slightly raising the pitch higher, until you feel your skull vibrating where your third eye should be. Keep that tone going as you breathe limitless white light source energy into you. It can come from everywhere or your root or crown, but eventually pull it in from your 3rd eye. Visualization is KEY to opening it up. After you have warmed it up, feeling it vibrate, imagine a small mouth there. See it opening, your inhalation coming in through your forehead, energetically. As you exhale, see the lips part slightly more as the air/energy moves out of you. Repeat.

    It may do you good to do some visualizing before you begin formal meditation. I do it with sigils, but you can do whatever. Start with a triangle. Draw it in your mind, right about where your 3rd eye is, and HOLD it. See it fully, not individual lines as you imagine them. See it glow. Then draw a circle around it and hold the image. Then draw a square. The point is to use your imagination with intention and focus on it.

    You’ll be there soon. Keep up the good work!

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