Third eye chakra is absurdly…lively?

I’ll preface by saying I’m VERY new to chakras and all the pieces to do with them. I’ve practiced astanga yoga for a number of years and I’m making an attempt to study extra meditative and self-reflection stuff.

I took a category the place the instructor had us, on the finish of or meditation, place fingertips along with each thumbs resting on the third eye, and I felt a type of “zing”, nearly like an electrical shock, that was on the verge of being painful, throughout my brow and behind my eyeballs.

I used to be somewhat alarmed and pulled my thumbs off, then tried once more. Identical factor. I attempted touching as a substitute my crown and coronary heart, and nothing. Is that this regular? Is it simply my face nerves being delicate?

TLDR; third eye chakra zings once I contact it. Regular face stuff or precise zingy chakra?

3 thoughts on “Third eye chakra is absurdly…lively?”

  1. Yes. I recommend starting by first reading about the chakra system. And then by opening the Root. A lot of people, myself included, begin by opening the top chakras, but it’s more important to start at the bottom

  2. It can feel zingy sometimes. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s absurdly active. With chakras, it’s important for them to be balanced. Not one overpowering the other. But sometimes when you’re learning to open one at a time, the third eye especially, can feel zingy.
    So for me, I always feel that when I put an amethyst on my third eye.
    I would recommend not trying to open it up any more until you learn about the chakra systems. Cuz it can be VERY overwhelming when the 3rd eye or crown are overpowering the others.

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