Trauma manifesting itself as a bodily sytpom in my throat chakra.

Throughout tai qi I skilled aching on proper aspect of my jaw and shoulder and after I meditate.

It looks like karma is manifesting its itself bodily behaviour and persona and I am continually conscious of it as a result of I really feel the bodily ache or expertise nervousness. Once I focus this thought it looks like I wish to say one thing out of anger/ache and understanding that feeling will alleviate this ache.

Is it about calming your thoughts a lot the trauma stops showing in my subconcious a lot that these aches do not seem in my periphal consciousness , thus my persona/bodily behaviour will not be so outlined by this sense?

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  1. Speaking from experience, if trauma is not processed in a healthy way with a psychotherapist, it will not go away. It will just find weird ways to be recognized. Unfocused anger and general anxiety can be symptoms of repressed trauma.

    I have used chakra work in conjunction with somatic psychotherapy. They work well together, but one is not a replacement for the other because they do different things.

    The throat muscles are also very reactive to stress and anger. I’ve done voice therapy, and my throat still aches around family. A lot of people have this problem according to my voice therapist.

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