What are indicators of the Crown chakra cleaning/therapeutic disaster or purging?

I do know as an example that the guts chakra can really feel like its irregular beating, some outdated unhappiness arising and many others.
I learn that one symtom is decreased urge for food with reference to the crown, is that this right?
Are our thought processes linked to the crown chakra as effectively? Like our perceptions of the world, ourselves?

Edit; Would a purging symptom be that outdated tendencies of overanalyzing and mistrusting religious steerage would come as much as be processed and let go?

Thanks guys

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  1. Hi. I don’t know if I have all the answers you’re looking for, but I do think that I know of some articles and videos that might help answer some questions.

    From what I’ve learned, your crown chakra is not the seat of your thought processes nor of your perception of the world. I believe that your perception of the world is held in your Causal Energy Body, and actualized through your 6th chakra. That is explained in this video / article: https://energyhealinginstitute.org/causal-body/.

    There is more information about understanding your Crown Chakra in this article: https://spiritualityhealth.com/articles/2017/10/02/the-key-to-actualizing.

    And, finally, a few words of support if you’re going through a healing crisis: https://energyhealinginstitute.org/the-mystical-healing-crisis/

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  3. If you have to ask about your crown
    Then understand that it is closed

    Your body will tell you what’s up

    So if you don’t have certainty
    Then you don’t have control

    I have energized chakras

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