What yoga poses do you employ for Muladhara therapeutic?

Hello all! I’m new right here and I need to discover my chakras and steadiness them one after the other. I’m beginning on the root chakra. What yoga poses do you guys use to assist floor you? Additionally! What crystals are good for Muladhara therapeutic? I’ve taken some notes from my analysis however I need to hear your experiences!
A lot like to you all 🙏🏽❤️

3 thoughts on “What yoga poses do you employ for Muladhara therapeutic?”

  1. Oof would be really interested in this one.

    Reiki had a physically substantial effect on me, in that regard. My teacher/healer was thrown a little off kilter by how ungrounded I was. Recently found out I have Depersonalization Disorder so, that makes a lot of sense. Everything my reiki teacher demonstrated on me I could feel within my body, and her working over that chakra had me bubbling up painfully with gas until I went to the bathroom and had the longest fart I’d ever had in my life. Funny and also very interesting.

  2. Root chakra is all about grounding. So really any poses that have you rooted and grounded to the earth
    Lotus pose/seated pose
    Child’s pose- complete surrender
    Mountain pose/tree pose – standing in your truth
    Malasana/yogi squat.

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