What’s so harmful about opening the Third Eye?

So many individuals warn about opening the Third Eye, although mine has by no means given me any hassle, solely blessings. Does this supposed hazard rely on the individual?

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  1. If you open too quickly you can affect your conscious, same if you open too far. My roommate has an Excellent Third Eye but at the cost of her anxiety. She was already dealing with anxiety and what not, I slowly helped her with her third eye but it kept developing. Often our First time talking with deities or other entities they mention how open it is, then ask the damage it caused. Third Eye is necessary to develop spiritually and to see the World but because of the Events that caused a “Magick Shutdown” there’s a toll to pay for this gift.

    This got longer than I intended so, The Danger comes from the trade off or opening too quickly.

  2. I think that the danger lies in the fact that we experience it each in our own ways. Some of us are not ready for it because of their fears and because of the new vision on the world you get with it. For me it’s also a blessing because it reminds me each day of the way I choose but until now i’v never seen anything with it, I just feel like it gave me another vision on the world and while I’m slowling growing into my spirituality it will open more and more

  3. I would say emotional instability from opening too quickly , or too early. For example, if you are unprepared for extrasensory input and you start to notice your psychic sense, you may not be ready for it, causing fear/madness of the inner eye, essentially programming yourself to close off that source of energy.

    In conclusion I would say **ignorance is the true danger**, as well as **the actual thought processes modern society instill in us.** We need guidance along with **critical thinking skills** (**and the BELIEF that critical thinking skills are important, as to traverse irrational waters**) We don’t need a complete spiritual *”roadmap”*, but proper guidance is almost essential especially with how much distorted information is out there.

    Another point I wanna make is that I feel that it’s the same thing that is happening with lots of our heart chakra’s. Negative experiences can close people up to their energy sources and cause anxiety. I think I went a little overboard here but I’ll check back for responses.

    I’m new to this sub 🙂

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