Which chakra would this be?

After a latest meditation (Three-Four days in the past) I’ve had a really odd sense of lightheadedness, have bother concentrating, delicate to mild and have had fairly intense ( at time unexplainable ) desires.

Grounding appears to have little or no effect-its virtually an power I must wait out it appears?
I’m making an attempt to determine the place this power may be however have a tough time distinguishing the symptoms-would it belong to a 3rd eye chakra or the crown chakra? If anybody is educated on this I would love to listen to

3 thoughts on “Which chakra would this be?”

  1. It sounds like it might be both, I would suggest meditating and focusing on you chakras from the root up. Maybe strengthening those will help strengthen the third-eye and crown chakras.

  2. Did you do any re-routing in your meditation? I’ve found that while new flows are being established (and after clearing major blocks) I also feel the way you describe.

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